Dave Brown 1948 — 2018

Dave Brown

Dave and Kay Lee Brown during Dave's Still Vertical 4 Party 2017.

Fire and Ice - for Dave Brown

Year after year, without fail,
your fireworks displays explode across the lake
a riot of sound and streaming color, a cascading veil
of wonderment shared with all, to hear and witness -
the sky ablaze with a shimmering borealis,
your devotion taking sparkling form;
an ephemeral curtain drawn across the summer's eve
reflections etched across still water and night skies
your spirit willing to take risks so others
can revel in the free motion of fire and water
or the unmarked trails of winter's ice and snow.

a steady hand on the helm, piloting a safe course
so others can float free with abandon, with no fear
tracking the footprints as they disappeared into mounds of fresh snow.
unbidden service rendered beyond measure
a legacy revered and shared, a lasting respect set down in delicate traces
upon the snowy hillsides and smooth wake of a sailboat's hull
gliding across quiet water, white sails
touching the sky

you are Dave Brown.
you are David Brown.