Lane Hoxworth

Lane Hoxworth

Lane Hoxworth

By Rob Scherer

Lane Hoxworth, friend and patroller, passed on to the great ski slopes in the sky Jan. 12, 2022.

Lane was born in 1942, grew up in Medford, and then moved to Eugene to attend the UO. After graduation and a few years in the Coast Guard, Lane became an administrator in the UO Department of Education, retiring in 1992.

Skiing and patrolling were among Lane’s passions along with volunteering at the Eugene Library and mentoring math students at area grade schools.

Lane started his patrol years in 1987 and continued active patrolling until 2007. He continued supporting the patrol as registrar for many years and was a vital member of the Ski Swap backroom functions.

Perhaps one of Lane’s greatest contributions was his role in organizing a modern and well-functioning patrol. In the late 1980’s, he joined Laurie Monico, Scott Robbins and Lee Lashway in developing the first policy and procedures manual, operations manual and budgeting process. Before this time there had been no formal policies for the patrol. During this era the patrol grew from a mere 25 members to more than 100.

Although many current patrollers may not have known Lane, he was an integral part of this patrol for more than 25 years, and made many significant contributions.