The National Ski Patrol

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  • “It has changed my life. If I could patrol ONLY, I would.”
  • “I have stayed because of the awesome people. I get to ski with people that I wouldn’t normally ever meet, never mind ski with.”
  • “Patrol gives me a sense of belonging in an environment that I love with other professional like-minded individuals.”
  • “I’ve made many new friends as a result of patrol (friends that I engage with outside of patrol). I have stayed involved because of the camaraderie.”
  • “Patrol makes me step out of my comfort zone on occasion, which is always good for my personal growth.”
  • “I have made amazing connections, everyone has been supportive and encouraging and I learn something every day.”
  • “I love being influenced by people who are good at the things to which I aspire. I love being part of a healthy functioning organization. We don’t rest on laurels.”
  • “As a patroller I have gotten more “freshies” than I can count but will never ever forget.”
  • “Patrol is the people! Best close friends ever!”
  • “You come because you want to help, You stay because you fall in love with the patrol family.”

Interested in joining our patrol?

The award winning Willamette Pass Ski Patrol is a close-knit group of men and women, aged 15 to 82, who volunteer at the Willamette Pass Resort. Each year we draw talented applicants from a variety of backgrounds to work with us as patrollers, mountain hosts and youth patrollers. If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you. Here are a few of the qualities we’re seeking from our applicants:

  • Positive attitude and desire to help others
  • Passion for winter sports and love of the outdoors
  • Enthusiasm to learn new skills

Selection will be made on the basis of the written application, interviews, and references.

Our jobs


Patrollers provide assistance to the skiing public at the Willamette Pass Resort both on the ski runs and in our aid room. We are trained as Outdoor Emergency Care Technicians (similar to a Level 1 EMT). In addition, alpine patrollers are trained to transport injured patrons from the ski run down to the aid room. Note: alpine patrollers must also pass a ski test as part of the interview process. After filling out an application candidates will be given instructions on when and where to take the test. Non-alpine patrollers are not required to take a ski test.

Mountain host

Mountain hosts are ambassadors of the Patrol and Resort who help our customers enjoy our ski area. Mountain hosts welcome guests, answer questions, direct customers to various guest services, help guests find the right runs on the mountain, promote safe skiing and boarding and help the patrol with daily operations.

SPY Team, Young Adult Program

Our Ski Patrol Youth (SPY) program has been nationally recognized for setting the standard for youth ski patrollers. SPY patrollers are an extremely motivated group of high school aged youth who assist customers, coordinate work with adult patrollers and help the ski resort open and run smoothly.

The next step

If you missed our Information Session, you can see a recording of it below. If you have questions, please reach out to Hutch ( or jenn (

Please review our frequently asked questions.

The Spring ski test will start at 10 A.M., Saturday, March 16 and Sunday, March 24, 2024 . Please contact our recruiter to sign-up. Show up at the patrol room with ski ticket and equipment ready.

For consideration for the next ski season, applications should be received no later than May 15.
If you are interested in finding out more, please contact our recruiter.

To start the process to join our patrol, please fill out our application form.

To start the process to join the Ski Patrol Youth (SPY Team) program, please fill out the SPY application form.