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In 2001, Dave and Kay Lee Brown approached the Willamette Pass Ski Patrol (WPSP), the Willamette Pass Resort and Camp Fire USA to sponsor a Teens- In-Action Junior Ski Patrol for high school students, 14 – 18 years old. Camp Fire USA believes in the importance of developing leadership skills and empowering youth to affect change in the communities it serves. Teens-In-Action, Camp Fire USA's teen service-learning program is based on the idea that teens, like you, are the key to the future and are making a difference in communities nationwide. Teens-In-Action empowers teens to speak out and stand up in their communities. The patrol was member named the SPYteam (Ski Patrol Youth).

The SPYteam program mission evolved to meet the needs of the members, WPSP and the Willamette Pass Resort. SPYteam youth became fundamental members of the WPSP operations. Along with the SPYteam service and leadership opportunities, many members expressed an interest in gaining the advanced skills necessary to become adult patrollers. In 2010, the SPYteam was accepted as a model for the National Ski Patrol Jr. Ski Patrol program. To comply with NSP guidelines, age requirements were changed to 15 – 17 years old. The SPYteam affiliation was changed from Camp Fire USA to the National Ski Patrol.

The Willamette Pass Ski Patrol and the Willamette Pass Resort wholly support you as an active participant in the SPYteam program.

As a SPYteam Patroller you will:

  1. develop skills and knowledge to become familiar with the tasks and responsibilities that ski area management may require;
  2. learn how to assist in caring for injured skiers and making mountain recreation safer and more fun;
  3. perfect your skills;
  4. help with patroller and candidate patroller training;
  5. be able to earn service hours to meet school requirements;
  6. be a respected part of the industry;
  7. and you'll have fun.


  1. To provide service to the skiing community
  2. To provide services to the WPSP
  3. To increase knowledge and develop leadership skills for youth members
  4. To prepare youth members to qualify as adult ski patrollers

To apply or for more information contact SPYmaster Mike Smith.

National Ski PATROL SPYteam Patrol Manual pdf

SPYteam Application pdf doc

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