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Willamette Pass winter operations have concluded for the season

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Welcome to the Willamette Pass Ski Patrol

Willamette Pass 2008-09 Winter Season trail map

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Willamette Pass
Winter Season trail map.
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We are a volunteer organization and part of the National Ski Patrol System. We patrol at Willamette Pass Ski Area, which is 70 miles southeast of Eugene, Oregon in the Cascade Mountains, providing free medical assistance to any injured skier or snowboarder.

We have about 65 patrollers who work both on the ski runs and in our aid room. We also have a smaller group of summer patrollers who patrol the trails during the summer months. Patrollers have at least OEC certification, which is similar to an EMTb. Each patroller owns all the medical supplies in his/her pack. The patrol replaces those items and owns all of the medical supplies, sleds and other equipment used on the hill and in the aid room. We charge nothing for our services or supplies. The primary sources of income for the patrol are the annual Ski Swap held in Eugene at the end of each October and the Waldo 100k Ultramarathon held each August at Willamette Pass.

Weekends at Willamette Pass are covered exclusively by volunteer patrollers while the weekday “Pro” patrollers, known as Patrol 4, are paid employees of Willamette Pass. Paid employees still must do all of their training on their own time and must buy their own medical supplies. In return, patrollers and their families ski for free.

The patrol actively recruits new patrollers each year. If you think you might be interested check out our Join page. This page includes the steps and requirements needed to become a patroller.